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The Parijatha PBM Plus is a automatic Block machine used for manufacture of Concrete Blocks, Paving Blocks, Kerb stones, Slabs and related concrete products. It is a PAVER BLOCK MACHINE is designed for medium sized factories with the optimum level of automation which enables continuous production without operator’s intervention from feeding of pallets, feeding of base mix layer and top layer, automatic vibration and pressing cycle and ejection of the pressed products along with the pallets. The Parijatha Block machine PBM Plus is designed to manufacture high quality concrete Blocks, paving Blocks, Kerb stones and other related concrete products using the latest technology and systems. The unique design set in the form of a PLUS for four different functions is special in this industry which enables the operator to easily inspect the machine’s working, perform the required settings perfectly due to its accessibility, easy approach for Mould change and perfectly suitable for routine maintenance.

The empty pallets are moved from the pallet magazine to the machine mould area automatically at the start of the cycle and subesquently the feed box doses the base mix into the mould and in the same automatic sequence the face mix too is dosed automatically in to the mould. The mixed material from the Mixer(Parijatha Planetary Mixer PM 330 or PM 500S recommeded) through the conveyor is fed into the hopper of the PAVER BLOCK MACHINE. The specially designed rotary dispensing system ensures the right quanity of material falls into the feed box thereby no excess material is stored in the feeed box. This helps in providing for a uniform thickness of Blocks and pavers.

The Main guide shafts are hard chorme plated and ground accurately on which the sliding bush brackets moves smoothly with the help of anti-wear liners which need very small amounts of lubrication and are absolutley maintainance free. The specially designed hydraulic power pack can withstand harsh working conditions with modular manifold design. This ensures less pipe joints due to which there is lesser leakage of oil apart from smooth flow and lesser heat generation. The electrical panel is PLC controlled with a large HMI screen for easy operators controls and settings having user friendly icons and menu options.

The Vibrating device is designed for complex operations required for paving blocks and special products controlled by variable frequecy drives having various speed settings required during differnet stages of manufacture of the products all automatically controlled The pallets which come out of this PAVER BLOCK MACHINE with the products moulded can be automatically stacked using the pallet handling system attached to the machine specially desinged for this machine. This ensures that the products are gently placed one above the other without damaging the edges and corners.

Salient Features

  • Superior and Proven design with very sturdy construction, long life and ease of maintenance.
  • Completely Automatic cycle which includes feeding of pallets, discharge of raw material into the mould area as per exact requirement, consequent discharge of     face mix and ejection of the pallets with the finished products.
  • Fully synchronized vibration, pressing, de-moulding operations using the latest PLC control without the need for operator control.
  • Specially designed Hydraulic power pack for superior pressing and smooth working of various operations.
  • Complete electrical and mechanical interlock systems provided for safe working conditions.
  • All moving parts designed to work with minimum lubrication and maintenance for trouble free working of the machine.
  • Unique latest design for faster mould change, accessibility to all parts for easy maintenance.

  • Specifications:

  • Pallet Size                    -  600 x 700mm
  • Production Capacity  -  1200 cycles per 8 hour shift
  • Power Required         -  22 HP

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