Aggregate Batching Plant
Aggregate Batching Plant1
Aggregate Batching Plant2
Aggregate Batching Plant3


AGGREGATE BATCHING PLANT: The role of aggregate batching in a typical concrete product plant is vital and as important as having a good mixer which can feed the mixed material to a suitable processing machine.

The aggregates are stored in different bins separately as per their size and fineness.The pneumatically operated discharge doors pours the right quantities of material into the conveyor which is eventually emptied into the Mixer. The whole system can be operated by a user-friendly versatile Batching control module exclusively developed by Parijatha.


  • Customisable to different sizes and capacities as per customer specific requirements.
  • Load cell based weighing conveyor with an option to run both directions.
  • Roller conveyor with integrated skirt-board driven by heavy duty gear box with electrical motor.
  • Complete electrical controls with automated batching program (specially developed by Parijatha) with easy to use interface cum display panel and other related accessories.