• 26/11/2015
  • By: Jayaram Ramesh

Question 1: Competition has been getting more intense by the day in the concrete block making machinery market segment. Broadly speaking what have been the key attributes that have helped Sree Parijatha emerge as a front runner in this competitive field?

Answer 1: As you have mentioned there are more number of players in the market than it was a few years ago. But, the key attributes to Parijatha's success like simple and easy to use machines with quality and robustness, have remained the same. Also, as the market has seen Parijatha's continuous focus towards innovative ideas which suit the Indian market have added value to our customers who have steadfastly stood by us over the years.

Question 2: You offer a wide array of concrete block making machinery. What are the new products that you have recently added to your product line up?

Answer 2: Yes, Parijatha has the widest range of machines for the precast Industry in India and probably in many markets around the world. Apart from the basic Vibro press technology to hermatic presses, Wet press for manufacture of high density products and complete lines for wet cast production, Parijatha has everything in its stable. Now, Parijatha on popular demand has launched the Large board Vibro press called the "BLOCK MASTER" which is capable of producing Blocks, paving and kerbs in large numbers to meet the requirements of medium sized and larger Block plants with consistent demand for such products.

Question 3: Tell us about your recent R&D achievements?

Answer 3: Parijatha has mentioned earlier is innovating continuously to meet the customers’ demands. Regarding our R&D achievements, the Three station press which is very successful in the market has been the result of Parijatha's in house development efforts. Also, most recently the Single Mould Wet press developed by parijatha has unique features which is the first in the industry, like modular hydraulic system which make it very compact and maintenance free. Also, the improved electricals, take off system and pneumatic systems are the first in the industry which has helped us gain immense popularity in the market.

Question 4: Give us a brief overview of your recent plant installations?s

Answer 4: Parijatha has recently installed plants all over India and abroad. But the most notable of them to name a few are the Namma Metro, Plants to recycle slag in steel plants in India and abroad. The most recent plant in USA to manufacture slabs is one of its kind.

Question 5: India was relatively late in using fly ash as compared to the developed world. Then once the material became popular, there was criticism about how a large quantity goes waste due to inefficient distribution? Are you satisfied with the utilization of fly ash in the country at present?

Answer 5: Though fly ash utilization has improved over the years, reaching smaller end users has always been a gray area. The poor infrastructure in most smaller towns and producing locations have made it very expensive and time consuming for them to use in large number. To make fly as use more viable cost of transportation should reduce by way of better connectivity and support from local bodies which is largely lacking and looks far from getting resolved in the near future.

Question 6: India is on the verge of a precast revolution. How are you positioned to take advantage of this rise in demand of precast components?

Answer 6: The use of precast concrete technology and its popularity is long overdue in a country like India which has a huge potential in terms of its cost benefits and improved quality. Much has to be done in the area of consumer awareness, acceptability in Government projects and departments without which its use will be limited. Thankfully the demand has risen though not in the pace it should have. However, I am optimistic precast technology will be accepted and used in the future. We have future plans to provide plant and machinery for manufacture of hollow core roof slabs, precast wall panels for low cost housing, precast drains and box drains and a whole lot of related items

Question 7: Factors such as aftermarket services, availability of spares and dealer network have emerged as key differentiating factors these days. How is Sree Parijatha placed on these fronts?

Answer 7: Parijatha has a team of well trained and experienced technicians who take care of the installation and commission of the machines, timely servicing and consulting Also, we have set a unique "service cell" which is a one stop solution for all the customer's after sales needs. Parijatha with its vast experience in this field also provides consulting on how to set up the plant, choosing the right equipment and related accessories. Also PARIJATHA provides the necessary mix design and other important techniques who help produce the best possible product with the minimum cost.

Question 8: What are your future expansion plans?

Answer 8: Parijatha will open a bigger production hall for fabrication and assembly, to cater to its increasing needs due to our increased range of machines and models.Also, parijatha is now collaborated with German companies to sell speciality admixtures particularly for the precast industry. Also sealants and surface protection chemicals which in one of its kind in India will be launched at the Excon. The most sophisticated spraying and drying systems in collaboration with BM Anlagenbau of germany will be launched at the Excon which is a crucial part of our expansion plans.

Question 9: The construction equipment industry has been passing through some times in the recent past. There are now some green shoots of economic revival that are being seen. As someone who is watching the industry from close quarters what do you feel are the prospects of the industry in the immediate future?

Answer 9: Infrastructure development is among the primary drivers of the economy. I always have opined that focus and thrust should be on development of quality infrastructure which in turn is a catalyst to a wide swathe of other related industries/sectors which has helped economies across the world irrespective of the region come out of tough times. This should be exactly what the government should be doing at this moment but sadly in spite of a formidable war chest earned by low oil prices and other revenues is not using it for this crucial sector like infrastructure. Hopefully good sense prevails on the lawmakers to focus on this crucial sector which is turn is good news for quality equipment manufacturers.