• 26/03/2016
  • By: Jayaram Ramesh

Make in India, Build Your Future By Producing Concrete Block

Make in India is a hot topic today as the Government of India encourages indigenous production, research, and development of goods to make the economy self-sufficient and strong. Experts say that it is the right time for startup companies. Entrepreneurs should get the benefit of several schemes and facilities offered by the government. It is required to look at the market and produce something which is in great demand.

With the boom in the realty sector, construction companies, and builders are looking for good quality raw material at reasonable rates. Concrete blocks play a pivotal role in building construction process by making the task easy and fast. It is possible to produce flawless blocks using state-of-the-art ConcreteBlock Making Machine. These machines are efficient and productive. Since they reduce the need for human resources, they are profitable in the long term. Parijatha is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of all varieties of block making machines.

The business is just right for cautious entrepreneurs

It is always preferred to be a risk-taker if you want to conquer new heights in the business; there is no harm if you are a vigilant person who wants to move ahead slowly and steadily. Concrete block business is apt for you. The infrastructure requirement and initial cost are low and the product is always in demand. Since the concrete block is the fundamental need of a construction business, it is a fast moving item.

Parijatha has a wide spectrum of machines to choose from. Clients give their requirement specs to match with the machine details so that the best suitable machine can be supplied. Ranging from the basic machine that can produce 100 blocks per day, there are specialized automated machines with a production capacity of 1000 blocks per day or more. It completely depends on the users what type of machine they are interested in?

You pay more for a machine; you get more!

It is a fact that the more money one puts in the manufacturing infrastructure, higher is the output. A fully automatic machine not only produces high quality blocks fast, but also accepts a variety of mixtures of cement concrete. From interlock blocks to designer blocks, anything can be made using the machine. The machine is fully automated with electronic controls. Hence, there is no need for appointing skilled human resources. A semi-skilled (or even unskilled) person can also operate it without trouble. If you order the machine from good quality suppliers like Parijatha, then there is no worry of support and guidance. The team is more than eager to help you out.

Making concrete blocks is a good startup business when you have an efficient Concrete Block Making Machine in hand. Regardless of the location (whether you start it in a small or medium scale town or a metro city); you can fulfill the demand of clients across the country. You need to tie-up with local dealers who receive bulk orders from builders. Once you establish credibility about product quality and dispatch, sky’s the limit!