What are the different kinds of Concrete products which can be manufactured from your range of machines?

Parijatha offers a range of machines/product lines to produce different kinds of Precast Concrete Products namely:
Concrete Masonry Blocks
Paving Blocks/Interlock Paving Blocks
Kerb Stones,Dished water channels etc.
Paving Slabs/Flag Stones
Bricks, Fly Ash based Bricks etc
Retaining Blocks etc.

What are the different kinds of production lines do you offer?

Parijatha prides itself as the few companies in the world who offers four primary kinds of production lines/technologies to produce Precast Concrete products which are specified below:
Vibro Press Technology
This a widely used manufacturing process for producing Masonry Blocks, Paving Blocks, Retaining Blocks and Kerb stones too. This technology employs a system wherein vibration and pressing is applied in a synchronised manner to produce different shapes and sizes of Precast Concrete products using close to zero slump concrete.
Hermetic Press Technology
In this process the products are produced in a two layer system with a wet face mix and a semi-dry backing layer which is poured into the Mould along with Vibration and then high-pressure is applied to achieve the final product. Products which can be produced in this system include Paving Blocks and Slabs, Terrazzo Tiles, Grooved decorative tiles/slabs, etc which can be SHOT BLASTED. These products are distinguished by their higher abrasion resistance and split tensile strengths. Products with superior finish and a variety of designs can be manufactured at a lower mould cost.
Wet Press Technology
In this process, high density products are produced using a combination of HIGH pressure and a Vacuum de-watering system simultaneously with characteristics unmatched by any other process. The products which can be manufactured by this system includes Kerb Stones, Heavy Duty Slabs, Dished water channels, Drain cover slabs and a range of related products.
Wet Cast Technology
In this system, wet concrete is poured into rubber/PVC/PU moulds and run over vibrating tables until the concrete mix is thoroughly compacted. The products are de-moulded from the Moulds after the initial curing period and allowed to cure further naturally. These products are characterised by their smooth finish and possibility to achieve intricate designs and detailed textures.

What are the different models of machines which use the Vibro Press Technology and what are its benefits?

Parijatha produces two models in their BlockStar series of Vibro Press machines

What the different models of machines which use Hermetic pressing technology to produce Paving Blocks, slabs etc. and what are its benefits?

Parijatha offers three standard models 2,3 and 4 station presses, however presses as per customer requirements and different automation levels can be offered.

Why do you use a Wet press and what are the different products which can be produced using wet press technology?

Wet press can produce the densest form of concrete by its superior manufacturing process. High Density products like Kerb Stones, Heavy duty paving Slabs, Dished water channels, Drain cover slabs and a range of related products can be manufactured by this process.

What are the different kinds of wet presses that you currently produce?

Parijatha offers Single Mould Wet press apart from a three Mould model (shortly being introduced). Also, Heavy duty slabs and paving products can be produced in mono layer system using wet press technology (as an attachment)in the APM-416 and APM-316 presses.

Why are Aggregate Batching Plants being used and what are its benefits?

Aggregate Batching Plants are basically used to measure the right quantity of Aggregates (which includes sand, aggregate sizes ranging from 3mm up to 25mm normally) so as to achieve consistent Batch quantities as per the Mix design. The different materials are stored in Bins and release the right quantity into the weighing hopper which is poured into the Bucket hopper of the Mixer . The number of Storage bins can be determined, designed and manufactured as per customer's specific needs.

What are the different kind of mixers that you offer?

Mixing of Cement Concrete are a very crucial process in a Precast manufacturing line and therefore the right type and capacity of mixer needs to be used for each and every application. Typically every manufacturing process needs a set of Mixers for different applications.
Parijatha manufactures a range of Planetary Mixers in their our own plant including all critical components and assemblies. These mixers are designed for trouble working and long life.
Our mixers come in output capacities ranging from 0.15 cu. mt. up to 1.5 cu. mt.

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