Block Master

Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine

It is Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine with Heavy Duty Tubular Frame Construction to withstand Heavy Vibrations and Pressure.

BlockMaster-I is the Latest in the  Big Board range of Block Machines designed especially for rugged working conditions and for bulk production of Concrete Products.

The Parijatha Block Master-I is capable of manufacturing Interlock Paving Blocks, Concrete Masonry Blocks, Kerb Stones, and various other kinds of Products suitable for the Construction Industry.

Block Master-I has a Specially designed Hydraulic Power Pack with Modular Manifold Blocks for simplified trouble-free operations. The Machine has an intense Vibration System with multi-stage automated speed controls for optimum synchronization which ensures Superior Quality Products with minimum raw material costs.

The Feed Box of Block Master-I is designed in such a way that the materials get spread equally over the complete Mould area.

Parijatha offers a range of Handling and Feeding options to suit individual needs and preferences.

The Block Master-I comes with a range of advanced features enabled by a state of art control systems manufactured as per EU standards and specifications with high levels of automation

This machine is ably complemented by the Parijatha range of Mixers also available with various options like color blending systems for the face Mix, Moisture control systems, Aggregate batching systems, and other related accessories which help produce world-class products

Also Handling Systems like Elevator, Lowerator, Finger Car, Cuber, and other related Systems can be offered with the Block Master-I Machine thus making it a Fully Automatic Concrete Block Making Machine.

Max work area

1200mm x 660mm

Production capacity

1900-2000 Cycles per 8 Hour Shift

Cycle Time

15 Seconds

Power required

25 HP

What can be made?

Block Master-I comes with the option of Face Mix attachment which is useful in making Interlock Paving Blocks and Kerb Stones too.

Capable of manufacturing a wide range of products including High strength Concrete Blocks, Paving Blocks, Kerbstones, Slabs and other related products. It is the most successful machine for Flyash Bricks, with quality parameters unmatched by many in the industry.


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