Parijatha Machinery introduces the BlockStar range of machines which are developed after a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of Concrete Block producers all over the world, based on over four decades of experience and expertise. Parijatha has always been in the forefront of developing innovative technologies many of which were the - FIRST IN THE INDUSTRY. The DUPLEX Hopper feed system is designed for measured discharge of Mixed material into the Mould feed box which helps in the uniform distribution of the material into the Mould cavity. The specially designed synchronous High Intensity Vibration system is equipped with automatic speed control for various stages of the production cycle. This translates into better quality and consistency of product thickness and strength.

The heavy duty tubular frame structure is fabricated using the best welding technology in the industry. It is designed and developed to withstand tough working condition and intense vibrations.
The PLC controlled electrical system with Variable Frequency Drives for various functions can be easily programmed with a user-friendly Touch screen to suit individual requirements which vital in a Vibro-press.

Parijatha is known in the industry for its practical and trouble free Hydraulic systems specially developed for the harsh working environment and the demanding requirements of 24/7 working shifts. The fully encased closed loop Hydraulic system with Modular manifold system ensures reduced leakage and easy maintenance.

Blockstar II

BlockStar II

Blockstar-II is a progression of the Blockstar series of machines with a bigger pallet size which helps in increasing production throughput resulting in better time-to-market. This machine is best suited for the production of High strength Concrete Blocks, Paving Blocks, Kerb stones, Slabs and other related products.

A range of handling systems can be offered as per customer’s requirements

Blockstar I

Blockstar 1

High-Speed, Robust & compact, the Blockstar-I is indeed the star of Concrete block making machines. Capable of manufacturing a wide range of products including High strength Concrete Blocks, Paving Blocks, Kerb stones, Slabs and other related products. It is the most successful machine for Flyash Bricks, with quality parameters unmatched by many in the industry.

PBM 06
PBM 06(1)
PBM 06(2)


Parijatha PBM-06 is a semi automatic block machine which can produce high quality concrete products which meets all quality requirements. The Concrete Paving Block Machine consists of a sturdy frame which houses the pressing and the blockstar2 cylinder system including the specially designed vibrating system.

  • It is hydraulically operated.
  • Motorised material feed box is provided for back layer.
  • It has an automatic product ejection system.
  • It has bottom vibration system, synchronized by PLC control with hydraulics and electrical.
  • Products that can be manufactured on this machine include fly ash bricks, pavers, hollow blocks, solid blocks, and kerb stones.

Let's Compare

BlockStar II BlockStar I PBM 06
Maxiumum Pallet Size 900x720 mm 750x550 mm 600x450 mm
Production Capacity/8 hour shift 1200-1500 1200-1500 900-1200
Power Required 42 HP 26 HP 10 HP