permeable paving blocks

In the realm of hardscaping exterior surfaces, the enduring appeal and practicality of Concrete Paving Blocks remain unmatched. From community spaces to driveways, these blocks have stood the test of time, evolving in shape and size to meet diverse user preferences, applications, and aesthetic considerations. However recent development in technology has helped us introduce Permeable Paving Blocks

Benefits of Traditional Paving Blocks:

Apart from being a durable hard surface, traditional Concrete Paving Blocks offer a unique advantage – the percolation of rainwater into the subsoil. This occurs through carefully designed gaps between each block, allowing for efficient drainage. The water percolation rate varies based on spacer design, weather conditions, and subsoil moisture levels.

The Evolution: Permeable Paving Blocks:

To enhance water percolation significantly, the innovative approach of using Permeable Paving Blocks comes into play. These blocks feature a distinct concrete mix design, minimizing fine aggregates and incorporating larger ones held together by cement and specialized admixtures. Imagine these as “Concrete Sponge Paving Blocks,” designed to allow water to seep through the entire block body, reaching the subsoil.

permeable paving blocks

Benefits of Permeable Paving Blocks:

By utilizing “Sponge Paving Blocks,” water percolation approaches a remarkable 100 per cent, eliminating runoff and preventing the wastage of valuable rainwater into drains. These blocks maintain the flexibility to be produced in various shapes and sizes, utilizing the same VIBRO PRESS machines employed in traditional paving block manufacturing. These machines leverage synchronized vibration and pressing techniques to create precast concrete blocks with high compressive strength.

Maintenance and Sustainability:

While the benefits of Permeable Paving Blocks are substantial, proper maintenance is crucial to prevent clogging, which can diminish percolation efficiency. Regularly washing surfaces with high-pressure water sprays just before rainfall can mitigate this issue. Professional agencies specializing in such services are available to ensure optimal functionality.

As we face the challenges of diminishing groundwater levels due to excessive extraction, the adoption of Permeable Paving Blocks becomes a sustainable choice. Let’s unite in the effort to save every drop of rainwater, recharging our groundwater and contributing to the preservation of this precious resource.


Mr. Jayaram Ramesh
Managing Director, Founder

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