Linear Wet Press (LWP)

Kerb Stone Making Machine

At Parijatha, with years of experience in manufacture Heavy duty Hydraulic presses have developed the Single Mould Linear Wet press. We remain as one of the few manufacturers in the world who have successfully mastered this technology.

Sticking to our goal and commitment of providing advanced technologies at competitive prices, the Linear Wet Press produces the high-density products using Vacuum de-watering technology, which is unmatched by any other mode of production.

Max work area

1100 x 600 mm

Production capacity

70 Cycles per Hour

Max working pressure

400 tons

Power required

40 HP

What can be made?

A Linear Wet Press can make a vide variety of Dense Precast concrete products such as Heavy duty Kerb stones, Dished water Channels, Drain covers and slabs, Flag stones, Heavy duty paving Slabs-Plain and design, Special products as per customer requirements


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