Precast Concrete Moulds

Moulds are a very critical and integral component of any Precast concrete product manufacturing company to produce a quality product with the right dimensions, design as per customer needs.

We at Parijatha understand its complexity and importance !!

Parijatha Machinery, has from its very inception been producing Moulds for all the Models of machines, all of which are produced in their own manufacturing facility. Over the years a separate MOULD CENTRE was carved to serve the growing needs of all the customers owning Parijatha machines apart from Moulds for other brands of machines as well All the components of the moulds are precision machined using the latest manufacturing equipment and techniques which includes CNC machining centres of various sizes and capacities to to cater to all the types of moulds being manufactured. The raw material specifications meet the best standards in the industry in terms of chemical composition and forging process. Each and every lot of raw material is tested before it is taken up for further processing. The Moulds are heat-treated under controlled conditions to achieve maximum hardness of the best Mould-life in the industry.

Types of Moulds

All the Moulds are developed at Parijatha’s in-house design and development team with years of experience and expertise.

Parijatha’s own modern and fully equipped manufacturing facility ensure On-time delivery and consistent quality with timely service.


Moulds are available for