APM 316 ED

Concrete Pavers Making Machine

Parijatha Three Station Rotary Press APM-316ED is a semi-automatic Hermetic press used to manufacture Terrazzo Tiles, High density Paving Blocks, Slabs, Decorative Grooved Tiles(Checkered Tiles), etc. This machine requires manual intervention for the pouring of the face mix and leveling of the backing layer

The machine can be fitted with a De-watering unit as an attachment which allows you to produce high-density mono-layer tiles

This process involves producing products in Two layers- the face Mix(which is a wet Mix) and the backing layer which is a slightly moist zero slump concrete mix. The face mix is thoroughly vibrated before the backing layer is dosed into the mold. The next stage involves applying very high pressure after which the product is de-molded in the following station and subsequently sent for curing using a range of handling systems.

The product manufactured by this process is characterized by its excellent abrasion resistance, high Transverse Split Strength properties, and low water absorption value which makes it the preferred choice for many applications. Moreover, the products can be SHOT-BLASTED effectively by using a variety of shot sizes to achieve the right surface finish. This gives the product a unique finish that no other manufacturing process can offer.

Max work area

700 x 600 mm

Production capacity

250 Cycles per 8 Hour Shift

Max working pressure

200 tons

Power required

30 HP

Lowest Noise

Less than 60 dB

Sand Blasted Finish

Option available

What can be made?

Hermetic Press is a reliable, simple, and effective procedure of producing High-density Precast Concrete products like Terrazzo Tiles, Paving Blocks and Slabs, Decorative Tiles and Slabs, Grooved Tiles of innumerable designs and combinations, and a range of related products. In addition to this, our unique Vacuum dewatering attachment allows you to produce thinner mono-layer tiles.


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