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APM 216 HD

OVERVIEW APM 216 HD APM 216 HD Brochure PDF Concrete Pavers Making Machine The Parijatha Two station Rotary Press APM-216HD is more suited for small production facilities or to compliment bigger machines as an auxiliary to produce in smaller quantities. Relatively lower mould cost makes it versatile enough to produce special products. This machine is […]

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APM 316 ED

OVERVIEW APM 316 ED APM 316 ED Brochure PDF Concrete Pavers Making Machine Parijatha Three Station Rotary Press APM-316ED is a semi-automatic Hermetic press used to manufacture Terrazzo Tiles, High density Paving Blocks, Slabs, Decorative Grooved Tiles(Checkered Tiles), etc. This machine requires manual intervention for the pouring of the face mix and leveling of the […]

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APM 416 ED

OVERVIEW APM 416 ED APM 416 ED Brochure PDF Concrete Pavers Making Machine Parijatha Four Station Hermetic Press APM-416 ED is a Heavy duty Press having a fully automated process for backing layer dozing, Face Mix dispensing, and Product handling. The PLC-controlled automated process allows to achieve high production rates with top-notch quality and finish, […]